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If you've been living with pain—any kind of pain—then you are going to love The Nexus Pain Center. We specialize in helping people overcome their chronic and acute pain, oftentimes pain that they've had for years, or even decades.

So regardless of your situation; regardless of how long you have been suffering; regardless of how many times you have been told your situation is "impossible;" consult with us to find a treatment plan that will work for you.

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I experienced my first ruptured disc in 1999. It was repaired surgically. Then in 2003 I ruptured and fractured a second cervical disc as I was jumping down off my truck. I returned to the same neurosurgeon who performed my first surgery. It was determined that because of the location of the fractured disc, the surgery would have to be performed by going through [...]

-Relentless Pain Made Manageable Thanks To The Nexus Pain Centers