5 Common Misconceptions About Pain Management

Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about The NEXus Pain Centers and the wide array of pain management services we offer. Since many of the techniques and therapies that we use are specific to our specialty, many people have misconceptions about what we do, how it works, or what they should expect. The following are the 5 major misconceptions people have about what we do:

Misconception #1: This type of pain management is a “tool of last resort.”5 Common Misconceptions About Pain Management

The Truth: While many of our patients do come to us after having exhausted every other treatment they can think of, it does not have to be that way. In fact, if you are experiencing any acute or chronic pain, there is a good chance we can help you right now. Do not wait until your quality of life is not acceptable to you before seeing us.

Misconception #2: Pain management therapies will not work if I have already had surgery.

The Truth: Many patients come to us after having surgery that they had hoped would solve their pain problems. We can work with almost any problem. Your past treatment history (medications, surgeries, etc.), while considered when diagnosing, will not prevent you from receiving treatment from us.

Misconception #3: This is too expensive.

The Truth: We accept most major insurance carriers and almost all of our treatments are eligible for insurance reimbursement. In fact, depending on your plan, your out-of-pocket costs for treatments could range from $0 to very little. Please contact us to discuss insurance coverage and payment options.

Misconception #4: Pain management therapies only work for certain kinds of pain.

The Truth: We have successfully worked with just about any kind of pain you can imagine. While it’s true that a large percentage of our patients have similar types of pain (lower back, neck, isolated limb pain, etc.), we have also treated all types of pain from all kinds of sources. We have also treated other types of pain caused from different sources of pain

Misconception #5: Pain management treatments eliminate the need for other therapies.

The Truth: In some cases this is true, and in others it is not. Each situation is unique and requires a customized treatment plan. Oftentimes we can tailor a plan that will work to eliminate your pain without the need for other treatments. In other cases, pain management treatments can be a helpful and worthwhile plan of care. Our team will consult with you to find the right plan of care for your specific situation.